Following are details of countries evacuating nationals and employees from Libya or closing operations because of the political turmoil.

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BOSNIA: Evacuation of Bosnians continued on Friday with 150 leaving Libya on Turkish boats from Benghazi and a number by air. Some 1,500 Bosnians lived in Libya.

BRAZIL: Malta harbor authorities said on Friday 3,000 Brazilian workers on a cruise ship were set to arrive overnight.

BRITAIN: Britain was drawing up plans to pull out British oil workers stranded in desert camps, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday. Six flights had left Libya in the past 24 hours carrying Britons, and the frigate HMS Cumberland had evacuated Britons and other foreigners from Benghazi, he said.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said the last British government-sponsored charter plane would leave Tripoli on Saturday. The HMS Cumberland will return to Benghazi, possibly on Sunday, to pick up any remaining Britons there, he said.

BULGARIA: Around 100 Bulgarians living in Benghazi are expected to leave on a Turkish ship which docked in Benghazi on Thursday but has not left because of bad weather. Earlier, 10 Bulgarian citizens were evacuated on a Romanian aircraft.

CANADA: Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said on Thursday nearly 200 Canadians had been, or were about to be, evacuated on planes and ships arranged by other nations. He said a C-17 military transport plane with 156 seats was on its way to Italy from Germany and would fly to Tripoli as soon as Libyan authorities gave permission.

-- He also said a charter plane from Amman would arrive in Tripoli early on Friday. So far, 213 Canadians have said they want to leave Libya.

CHINA: China had evacuated almost 16,000 of its citizens by Saturday, Xinhua news agency quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying.

China's Ministry of Commerce has said 75 Chinese companies have operations in Libya, including the state-owned energy giant CNPC, parent company of PetroChina Co Ltd.

More than 3,000 Chinese nationals working in Libya boarded two chartered Greek vessels Friday evening at Benghazi port. They would be taken to Greece before returning home. (See Greece section for further details from Athens.)

China's Eastern Airlines will send eight chartered flights in the coming days to evacuate the Chinese from Malta, and the first two planes will arrive in the Mediterranean island nation on Saturday afternoon, according to the Chinese embassy.

CROATIA: Croatia said 28 Croatian workers have left Benghazi on an Italian military ship bound for Malta. A plane from Zagreb landed in Tripoli and Croatian officials were trying to reach the remaining workers at three different sites. There are around 125 Croat workers still in Libya.

GERMANY: Military sources have said Germany is sending three ships to the Libyan coast to help evacuate German citizens. The military is sending a supply vessel Berlin and the frigates Brandenburg and Rheinland-Pfalz, with about 600 soldiers aboard. They are currently anchored off Valetta.

The Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that up to 150 Germans were still in Libya.

GREECE: Greece has evacuated 227 Greeks and Cypriots from Tripoli and Sabha aboard three C-130 military aircraft. It has also sent two frigates off Libya and the Greek island of Crete.

Two ships with a total of 4,500 evacuees, mainly Chinese, arrived in Crete from Libya on Thursday. Greeks, Russians, Romanians, Ukrainians and Italians were also among the passengers. Another ferry, with 2,900 evacuees on board docked at the port of Heraklion on Saturday morning.

About 15,000 Chinese in total will be evacuated from Libya on Greek ships, the government has said. They will return home from Greece on chartered flights, officials said.

INDIA: The foreign ministry said it has sent a ship to Benghazi to evacuate at least 1,200 Indians and is seeking permission for its planes to land in Tripoli for other evacuations. There are 18,000 Indians in Libya, mostly in the oil, construction and health sectors.

IRELAND: Ireland is to try again to get a plane back to Tripoli. Irish media said an Irish air force plane returned to Malta from Tripoli with no passengers on board. There are around 70 Irish people in Libya, 54 of them Tripoli.

-- Ireland confirmed on Friday that members of the emergency civil assistance team are on the ground in Tripoli airport and are making contact with Irish nationals at the airport and elsewhere in Tripoli.

ITALY: Italy's foreign ministry said it planned to send a C130 aircraft on Friday to evacuate remaining Italians in Libya. A naval operation was underway to evacuate 150 Italians in Misrata and another 1,100 have left Libya in the last few days. The rest were expected back within the next 48 hours.

NETHERLANDS: The Dutch foreign ministry said on Friday 50 Dutch nationals remained in Libya, 25 of whom were looking to leave. However, communication with them was tough and sometimes impossible as they were spread out throughout the country.

PHILIPPINES: President Benigno Aquino said on Thursday his government was making preparations to repatriate about half of the 26,000 Filipino workers in Libya, most of them working in the medical and oil and gas sectors.

-- The government has also set aside 100 million pesos ($2.3 million) to lease planes to ferry Filipinos from Libya.

* ROMANIA: Romania's Foreign Ministry said on Saturday 270 citizens had been evacuated from Libya. Another 50 are being evacuated by air and 44 more by sea.

SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa said on Thursday it was arranging for a flight to evacuate some embassy staff and 30-40 nationals from Libya.

SOUTH KOREA: A chartered plane carrying about 200 nationals took off from Tripoli on Friday for Cairo and another is scheduled, the Foreign Ministry said. A total of 1,300 South Koreans were in Libya working for construction companies.

SPAIN: A Spanish armed forces plane carrying 124 people evacuated from Tripoli, landed in Madrid on Friday, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said. The evacuees included 40 Spaniards as well as Mexican, British, Canadian and Portuguese nationals. Spain is planning the evacuation of a small number of Spaniards from outside Tripoli, the spokesman said.

SYRIA: Syria has sent vessels to pick up Syrian nationals from different areas in Libya, in addition to continuing

TUNISIA: Tunisia had at least 30,000 nationals in Libya. At least 7,000 have been able to leave. Tunisia sent five flights to Libya on Wednesday and two before that. Tunisia has scheduled a ferry to travel to Benghazi.

* International Federation of the Red Cross, the world's largest disaster relief organization, said on Saturday 25,000 people had crossed from Libya to Tunisia.

The number of arrivals has already reached 25,000 -- of which 5,000 are foreign nationals -- in five days since last Monday, it said in a statement.

* TURKEY: Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Saturday that Turkey had evacuated 14,776 people, including 579 foreigners.

UNITED STATES: A U.S.-chartered ferry, Maria Dolores, carrying more than 300 passengers, more than half of them U.S. citizens, arrived in Malta after being delayed by high winds and choppy seas. Another catamaran carrying more U.S. citizens was due to dock later in the day.

-- Separately, the State Department said a chartered aircraft would leave a Tripoli airfield on Friday for Istanbul.

VIETNAM: Vietnam has evacuated about 1,300 of its citizens from Libya out of 10,482 living and working there. The first 300 evacuees will reach home late on Friday.