Libyan airspace is now closed following clashes at the Tripoli airport that killed 13 and wounded 30,  Maltan Air Traffic Services and Libyan pilots said. 

It is unclear if the entire airspace will be closed or just in the western part of the region.
Flight data currently shows flights that took off from Munich that are headed to Johannesburg diverting their intended flight paths to fly over Algeria instead of Libya. 
flightdatalibya Flights from Munich to Johannesburg fly over Algeria instead of Libya Photo: Flightradar24

Government spokesman Ahmed Lamine said Tuesday 90 percent of the planes at the airport were destroyed. The United Nations pulled its staff out of Tripoli Monday following the clashes. Fighting between the government and rival militias are also taking place in Benghazi.

The government issued a statement Tuesday, saying it discussed at an emergency session "a potential request for international forces to solidify the state's capabilities." It is unclear from whom Libya would seek help and in what capacity.