Following a year in which the sport's integrity came into disrepute, Cricket's lawmakers revealed that lie detector could be introduced to stamp out corruption. The Marylebone Cricket Club's World Cricket Committee (MCC) also recommended other suggestions which included legalizing of betting markets in India and the inclusion of anti-corruption clauses in contracts.

The recommendations follow a year in which corruption allegations flooded the game, which saw several Pakistan players accused of spot-fixing in the series against England, while Zulkarnin Haider fled a tournament after death threats from bookies.

Ahead of the third Ashes test, the committee, which includes past players Steve Waugh, Barry Richards and Courtney Walsh, said in a statement The committee is concerned at the scale of the problem, and the detrimental effect it has placed on the integrity of the game.

We feel more resources - and increased powers - are required to attempt to eradicate this issue from the game, the statement added.

The education of players should not be a meaningless formality; the message should be pressed home with regularity by figures known and respected by the players.

Furthermore, the committee believes that team captains - as enshrined in the Laws and Spirit of Cricket - should accept greater responsibility for the conduct of their players.