Lilly Pulitzer finally announced the winners of the Sorority Prints contest. On Tuesday, Lilly Pulitzer congratulated the five sororities the brand will design prints for, based on the top Facebook votes. The announcement had some sorority girls squealing with delight; while others were left downtrodden.

Janie Schoenborn, fashion director of the brand, announced the winners at Rollins College in Florida with help from last year's winners, Kappa Kappa Gama. Schoenborn was thrilled to announce the Lilly Pulitzer print class of 2012.

We have been blown away once again by your enthusiasm for these prints, she said Tuesday. We had over, around, about a million votes for your sororities to be chosen for these prints. It gets us so excited that you're so excited as a resort-chic brand that loves the vacation lifestyle.

We fully believe that college is your first four-year vacation. And we want you to be wearing Lilly the entire time. Kappa Kappa Gama is Schoenborn's alma mater and was one of the first sorority's to get a print.

Sorority prints, which were first introduced in 2010, feature each sorority's colors and symbols inset in vibrant Lilly prints.

So which sororities won this year? The winners are:

- Alpha Xi Delta

- Alpha Omicron Pi

- Phi Mu

- Sigma Kappa

- Pi Beta Phi

We are going to get to work to designing these very special prints for you! said Schoenborn on Tuesday via a live Facebook stream. Stay tuned to Facebook because we will let you know when we are going to do the big reveal.

Schoenborn told those sororities that did not win don't be bummed because Lilly Pulitzer will be holding the contest again in 2013.

But that did not stop some sorority girls from tweeting away their sadness.

WTF Lilly Pulitzer?! Who are the majority of this sororities? We better get a print next year! @ZTAFraternity tweeted a Zeta Tau Alpha member. How did zeta not get a lilly print when we were in first place in the first round? so pissed #sororitygirlproblems posted another.

Others were elated. Won our very own Lilly Pulitzer print! Pearls, hearts, doves, maroon, and lavender oh my! tweeted @SigmaKappaFIU.

Having their letters in Lilly Pulitzer prints allows sorority girls to carry their sisterhood with them even after college.

I'm not going to wear my letters on a sweatshirt but I would get a wristlet with a Lilly print on it, said Laura Beghan, University graduate and Pi Phi sister, to the University of George publication, Red and Black.

Having a Lilly print is a huge deal, especially in the sorority world, Tori Tidwell, a sophomore public relations major from Kennesaw, is a member of Delta Gamma, told Red and Black. Having a Lilly print is a huge deal, especially in the sorority world.

It's really nice because I feel like we're being recognized for the organization that we are, so that's kind of a big deal, Tidwell said. It's nice to have designers encouraging what sororities are about.