A video of aspiring Spanish actress Lina Sands has surfaced online and shocked viewers across the world. Sands' gorgeous face is eerily too familiar. In fact, she looks strikingly similar to Angelina Jolie.

Originally from Spain, Sands has been living in the UK for eight years. She has studied acting for three years and hopes to work as an Angelina Jolie lookalike. She has thick, dark brown hair like the Tomb Raider actress and full lips. Most striking are Sands' eyes, which glimmer much like the actresses. Sands is five foot eight, but she gives no indication of how old she is.

While Sands' ressemblance to Jolie is impressive, there are a surprising number of celebrity lookalikes. We took a look at six celebrity duos who look eerily similar.

Watch the video of Lina Sands, the incredible Angelina Jolie lookalike: