Rumors of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan adopting a baby boy have been spreading, Access Hollywood reported Wednesday.

The 26-year-old Long Island native told the celebrity news site, which quoted a “friend” about the rumor:

"I need to find out who this friend is because that's been going on my whole life of people telling things that I think are my friends."

She added, "That's no one's business."

But from what Lohan told Access Hollywood, she still could be planning to adopt a child without wanting the world to know about it.

It seems unlikely that she would want to adopt a child right now, considering all the legal woes she’s been facing recently.

Lohan is trying to get on the right track and her latest piece of work, a biopic about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton called “Liz & Dick,” is supposed to be her comeback role, but it hasn’t been getting good reviews from critics.

The biopic is supposed to air on Lifetime on Nov. 25.

Lohan told “Good Morning America” she got the role of Elizabeth Taylor by “harassing” producer Larry Thompson.

The pictures released from the movie shows Lohan’s uncanny resemblance to the iconic actress.

Lohan explained in an interview what she learned about love from playing Taylor.

“I have a very few loves. And [Liz] actually has a quote that she said is she’s infatuated with being in love. And I don’t see anything wrong with that,” the actress told Access. “I think that love comes and goes and you know, when you find the right person eventually then it’s meant to happen. But it’s okay to fall in love all the time.”