Despite reportedly expressing being “too sick” to appear in court, Lindsay Lohan made it to her Los Angeles court hearing in the nick of time Wednesday.

A source revealed to CNN that the wayward actress was on a Tuesday evening flight to Los Angeles, after photos of her shopping in New York earlier that day were published online.

The news source speculated that Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner, who will preside over Lohan’s probation violation charge, may have seen the photos; Sautner has been previously quoted as saying, “live your life in a more mature way, stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.”

Lohan has also been accused of lying to a police officer pertaining to a car crash that she was involved with last summer.  

Lohan arrived in court around 8:39 a.m. PT, wearing a demure black dress and shades; she was rushed into the building for processing.

According to TMZ, the hearing is set to begin at 9:00 a.m.

Among the actress’ legal troubles is the fact that her new representation, New York lawyer Mark Heller, also has a spotted past. In addition to having has his license suspended for five years in 1994, he is also not licensed to practice law in the state of California.

According to CNN, the lawyer sponsoring Heller’s application to represent Lohan in California only recently reactivated her license this month after it had been inactive for 17 years.

Lohan’s former lawyer, Shawn Holley, requested to be dismissed as her representation last month.

(View TMZ’s Live Steam of Lohan’s court appearance here.)