Actress Lindsay Lohan, recently terminated from a community service program due to rule violations, has a number of issues on her plate besides her rumored drug addiction-based stained, yellow teeth.

On Wednesday, Lohan, 25, was seen on the red carpet at the launch of the Saints Row: The Third video game in LA, sporting her signature blonde hair, a black top and... yellow teeth?

Lohan's megawatt smile looked a bit dim as her teeth appeared to be decaying, according to reports, which could be the result of years of her documented drug addiction, smoking and alcohol consumption.

Lindsay is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and is regularly sought-after by some of the top photographers in the world to appear on covers of magazines around the globe, Steve Honig, the actress's rep, said in a statement to CNN.

When Lohan grinned for the cameras Wednesday night on the red carpet, she revealed teeth that looked as if they were rotting, as they were yellowed, uneven, somewhat decayed - presumably the result of her smoking habit, not to mention her much-publicized struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Regardless, the on-probation star sounds like she's attempting to stay healthy, although, on the same day as the event, she tweeted about her struggles to eat leafy greens, according to reports.

There are so many more important issues the media should be focusing on, such as homelessness, lack of funding for public education and relations between America and its allies, Honig added.

Stained teeth or not, Lohan is due back in court Wednesday morning for a hearing before Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Saunter.