Lindsay Lohan , who is currently undergoing a court-ordered rehab stint, has moved from Bettty Ford Clinic to another facility citing safety concerns.

According to E! Online, LiLo has been receiving strange messages from Brittney Spears’ former manager, Sam Lufti, prompting her to make the move.

However, her father, Michael Lohan, has denied Sam Lufti’s involvement in this. He insisted that it was the involvement of two other individuals which has led to the switch. He admitted that Sam did text a message to Lindsay about Demi.

Lohan has been ordered by court to complete three months of treatment for violating her probation arising from a DUI arrest in 2007.

Lutfi was blamed for Britney Spear’s meltdown and temporary restraining orders were put against him by her family.

He was slapped with a permanent restraining order in September by a former roommate, Samuel Barth. Barth claimed Lutfi hacked into his Twitter and Facebook accounts, stalked and harassed him, his friends and family.