LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals, has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in preparation for an initial public offering (IPO).

The number of shares and price range has not been determined. The shares offered are Class A Common stock, which has less voting power than Class B shares (those held by the founders/insiders).


Some of the shares offered to the public will be sold by LinkedIn; others will be sold by certain existing stockholders.


Below are some key metrics for LinkedIn in 2010:


90 million registered users

65 million unique visitors

5.5 billion page views


For the nine months ended September 2010:


$161,403,000 in net revenues

$10,068,000 in net income


Before 2010, LinkedIn recorded a loss of $4.0 million in 2009, a loss of $4.5 million in 2008, a profit of $328,000 in 2007, a loss of $677,000 in 2006, and a loss of $5.3 million in 2005.


LinkedIn said its plan is to be the professional profile for every professional worldwide. Using our platform, any member can find, connect with and learn about other professionals.


LinkedIn is one of those red-hot privately-held internet stocks that has been trading on secondary exchanges like SecondMarket and SharesPost. The most notable of such stocks is Facebook, valued recently at $50 billion on the secondary market.


LinkedIn, seen as a Facebook for professional/career purposes, is worth about $3 billion, according to recent secondary market valuations, reported Bloomberg News.