It has been two weeks since Lisa Irwin, a 10-month-old baby from Missouri went missing from her home. The search, so far, has yielded few concrete results.

For the whole of the first week, investigators searched Kansas City, used sniffer dogs and helicopters, with few positive results. The most recent speculations, however, suggest that the child may be alive and somewhere in the neighborhood from where she went missing.

In what must be some good news at long last for the child's parents, investigators have found newly-soiled diapers and a backpack from an abandoned home near the Irwin residence.

Fox news' Will Bill received exclusive intimation of this piece of news. DNA tests could confirm that the diapers were, in fact, worn by Lisa Irwin. The fact that the diapers were apparently recently used could mean that the baby is still alive.

Wild Bill Stanton, a New York-based private security consultant hired to assist in the safe return of Lisa Irwin, announced on Friday that an anonymous benefactor had offered a $100,000 reward for Lisa's safe return or a conviction of those involved in the crime.

The missing baby's parents, who claim to have heard nothing on the night of the suspected abduction, have been under scrutiny by the public and investigators. Lisa was last seen in her cradle by her mother, who checked on her and went to sleep. Five hours later, when her husband came home after finishing a late night shift, he did not find the baby. Police, in between the investigations, announced that the parents had stopped cooperating with the law enforcement officials. However, they later said that the parents were cooperating again.