Macklemore and Ryan Lewis gave fans another taste of their highly anticipated new album "This Unruly Mess I've Made." The duo released a new song on Friday called "White Privilege II," which is a follow up to the song "White Privilege" from his 2005 solo album "The Language of My World."

The track is nearly nine minutes long and features Macklemore rapping about the issue of race in the country. The song also features Jamila Woods.

You can hear "White Privilege II" below:

Last week, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis revealed they'll be releasing their follow up to "The Heist" with the new album "This Unruly Mess I've Made," due out Feb. 26.  He also revealed what the album art would look like in an Instagram post.

In a letter on the group's website, Macklemore revealed the motivation and process behind making the new album. Both him and Ryan Lewis went off into the woods in the middle of winter to focus on writing the record. The 32-year-old rapper sounds excited to share the new music with the fans in just over a month.

"What I couldn’t find in a hotel room, on the road or in Seattle, I found in the middle of nowhere. No reception. Making music not because we had to, but because we got to. I had forgotten how to do that," Macklemore dished. "Music was intended to be the one thing we can rely on to disrupt the norm. Start conversations and change the way we think and feel. If you aren’t scared of what you’ve created, you aren’t done yet. I didn’t know what we would leave the woods with, but I do now."

Since August 2015, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have released four new songs including "White Privlege II." The group put out a song  with Ed Sheeran about Macklemore's new baby called "Growing Up" and they debuted "Kevin" with Leon Bridges at the 2015 American Music Awards. They also experienced success when they put out their comeback hit, "Downtown." 

The rap group will be playing a few U.S. shows between Jan. 22 and Feb. 5. They will then head out to Europe in March and April. With the new album coming out in late February, expect a U.S. tour in the summer or fall to support the new record. The track listing for "This Unruly Mess I've Made" has not yet been released.