Art?ras Zuokas, the mayor of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, used a tank to curb illegal parking.

It has been decades since tanks patrolled the city, but Zuokas apparently decided that drastic measures needed to be taken to stop cars from parking in new bike lanes.

In a video aired on popular Swedish television series "99 Things You Should Do Before You Die," the mayor rides an armored transport vehicle through the streets of the capital, where he finds a Mercedes parked illegally. As expected, the Mercedes is promptly crushed.

Shouting "this is what will happen if you park illegally!" the mayor looks very satisfied by his destruction.

He then sweeps up the broken glass and rides home on his bicycle.

Zuokas is an avid supporter of bike transportation. He participated in Critical Mass, the popular bike protest, in Vilnius along with Dutch Ambassador Joep Wijnands. He also hopes to institute a bike share program similar to those in Paris and London.

Angered by rich people's contention that they can park anywhere they like, Zuokas points out Ferraris and Rolls Royces parked illegally during his video tour of the city. He also shakes hands with the apparent owner of the Mercedes, right before the crushed wreck is towed away.