We've seen cosmetic surgery clinics wrongly use famous faces in advertisements to promote their services in the past, like Kim Kardashian whose image was used on an ad in Mexico.

But a plastic surgery center in Venezuela is under fire after using Ariel from The Little Mermaid in an ad photo promoting surgery, adding breast implants to the Disney Princess.

Venezuela Clinica Dempere released the ad this week depicting the red-headed mermaid princess with breast augmentations, writing, "We make fairy tales come true." The photo shows a flat-chested Ariel outrunning Ursula, swimming away to a hospital bed where she goes under the knife with a surgeon. The new and improved Ariel is then show, without her fin replaced with black stiletto pumps and larger breasts.

Similar ads exist, showing the Frog Prince and a hybrid of the Wicked Witch from "The Wizard of Oz" getting surgery, as well.

The photo sparked controversy on the web after it first appeared on Buzzfeed's Copyranter, with many saying it sends the wrong message to young children and has also ruined their own childhoods.

"This Little Mermaid Surgery ad has ruined my childhood and my favorite princess!!! :'( #Why," one Twitter user wrote.

A commenter on the Huffington Post took it a step further, commenting that the ad could send a harmful message to the youth.

"This is pretty disgusting," N1c0l328  wrote. "Little girls actually look up to these cartoon characters. So, what they are saying is: 'Hey, little girl, you are not good enough for this world with small normal boobs, so get big plastic ones and people will love you."

According to Design Taxi, the "We make fairy tales come true" ad was the brainchild of Venezuelan advertising agency ZEA BBDO.