Emily Fernandez is continuing to ask for prayers for her infant son, JJ. Throughout Season 2 of Lifetime’s “Little Women: Atlanta,” Emily has been dealing with her baby boy’s health issues as he fights to get strong enough to leave the hospital.

On Wednesday, Emily (aka Right Cheek) took to Facebook to share a touching post about her baby. “I can seriously just be sittin here and the second I start thinking bout you the tears just come pouring down. You have honestly become one of my biggest blessings,” she wrote. “Money can’t fix the things you need most in life. I would honestly give my life for yours to be perfect. I knew I always wanted a son I knew I always wanted a baby with your daddy. But what I didn’t know what [sic] how much I could love my son in the little amount of time you have been in this world. It breaks my heart every day knowing your suffering.”

Emily went on to say that she will keep fighting until her son is allowed to come home with her. “Your everything in the world to me and you will always be perfect in my eyes Babyboy. I love you JJ,” she posted.  “I just want you home fatbut. I just want you happy. I just want you to smile and I want you to know how much mommy, daddy, and your sister loves you. You’re a fighter that’s for sure and I thank god everyday for every moment I have with you! I gotchu Babyboy forever and always.”

In an Instagram post a few days prior, Emily shared a picture of her holding JJ in the hospital. In the caption she wrote that she wishes she could fix all his health problems. “No one will ever know the pain you suffer and even I can only imagine,” she said. “You look so peaceful on the outside I wish I could just make everything on the inside just as healthy … Your sister, daddy and I pray for you ever night dude and we won’t stop till your better.”

Emily announced she and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Lontel were expecting a baby during Season 1 of the reality show. In April, she opened up about her pregnancy, telling Baby Center about the differences between this pregnancy and her first one with her daughter, Ava.

“My body went through change a lot faster this time than with my first pregnant,” she explained. “I was lucky I didn’t gain as much extra weight with him. I’m nervous about my epidural because of the complications little people face during birth. However, the overall excitement to meet my son is what makes it all worth it!”

“Little Women: Atlanta” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.