Things are super tense between “Little Women: LA” stars and former best friends Briana Manson and Christy McGinty on Season 3 of the Lifetime reality show. All the women were shocked to discover Manson secretly married her controversial beau, Matt Ericson, but the drama came to a head during Elena Gant’s vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii.

The sneak-peek clip posted by Radar Online starts out innocently enough. Manson was talking to her friends, saying she felt positive about her relationship with Ericson. Tonya Banks even jokes the way the mud was put on their faces makes Manson look like she’s the man. But the laughs didn’t last for long.

McGinty breaks the happy vibe be asking Manson why she lied to her friends for four months about being married. When Manson brushes her off and says, “I didn’t honestly feel that anyone cared,” McGinty becomes irate. McGinty says she tried to plan a bachelorette part for Manson, but Manson says that wasn't enough. Mason wanted support and respect from her friends.

Briana Manson Matt Ericson "Little Women: LA" stars Briana Manson and Matt Ericson in Hawaii. Photo: Lifetime

“We tried! We tried so many times. So what the f---? You told my mom that you were going to have a wedding, that she was going to be invited. But you were already married dude!” McGinty says. Ericson, the villain of the series, shakes his head and says, “Oh my God, that’s such bulls---.”

But McGinty continues to rant as if Ericson had said nothing. “I put all my heart and passion for you. I loved you, and you were my friend,” McGinty screams at Manson. “And you lied to me for four months! I’m f---ing done with both of your bulls---!”

It’s unclear if the women have made up, but Manson posted an Instagram message about abstaining from complaining. “If you are alive, have food, water, shelter, and love in your life, be happy! It could always be worse,” the Lifetime reality TV star wrote. “If those who have nothing can find a reason to smile, so can you!”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Little Women: LA” when it airs on Lifetime at 9 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

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