London is better than Paris, at least according to French tourism officials, who believe that London has replaced Paris from Europe’s leading spot for most tourist-friendly city, says a survey.

London topped the results of a survey, conducted by the Paris-Ile de France Regional Tourism Committee (CRT), leaving behind other major European cities, including Paris, Rome and Berlin. London scored over Paris in terms of transportation, landmarks, hotels, bus tours and city-centre tourist information, while Paris remained atop the survey in terms of museums, dining, and tourist information at the airport.

The survey was intended to explore ways to boost arrivals of foreign tourists in Paris, following a growing perception among foreign tourists that Paris is “not so” tourist-friendly.

Jean-Pierre Blat, the survey’s author, blames the non-Parisian French participants for the poor results of survey. “Paris is a favorite subject of complaining for the rest of France. It’s the French who are the most critical and who peddle a bad image of Paris to foreigners”, he was quoted as saying by the French media.

However, Paris remains the world’s most popular city in terms of number of visitors. According to official data, nearly 30 million people visit the city every year and about half of them revisit within five years. “Why would people come back to France if they weren’t happy with the level of hospitality?” Blat questioned.