With Spring on its way and London gearing up to come out of the long shield of winter snow, London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel in West London, has unveiled a Butterfly House, where about 1000 butterflies have set their habitat.

An eco-centric park, Butterfly House, which is located in the hotel lobby, is a haven for exotic butterfly species originating from all over the world, and as far as South America.

Some of the prominent species in the Butterfly House include the colourful Passion Flower, Zebra Longwing and The Red Postman, the hotel said in a statement.

Located just seven miles from Hyde Park Corner and seven miles from Heathrow Terminal 5, London Syon Park provides a tranquil country retreat on the outskirts of London town. The hotel is known for its theme concepts. Butterfly House has added to the hotel's distinctive branding, the hotel said.

Other themes throughout the hotel include a spa named Kallima, after the Greek word 'beautiful' and a specific butterfly, which resembles a closed leaf at first and is transformed when opening its wings.

While the hotel's move is expected to enthral guests, environmentalists look at it as an eco-tourism initiative.