A 78-year-old elderly woman died on May 2 left nearly her entire estate to Harold Camping's Family Radio. Upset family members are saying that had she lived long enough to see the failed May 21 prediction, she would not have left a quarter of a million dollars to the radio station.

Doris Schmitt, who died alone in her Queens home in NY, had believed in Camping's doomsday prediction. According to a report by CNN Money, she donated $250,000 to Family Radio and left $50,000 to be divided among her two nieces; Schmitt had lost her two children to drug addition.

It's just so frustrating because I know there's nothing I can do about it - this man (Harold Camping) is going to get hundreds of thousands of dollars from my aunt, one of the nieces, Eileen Heuwetter, says. And she wasn't a rich woman.

Heuwetter, who will be receiving 25,000 dollars, noted that other family members are in need of money.

It was a good amount of money that would have helped a lot of people live better today - but now it's not helping anyone, said Heuwetter.

Her lawyer says that there is no case.

Followers who staunchly believed in the May 21 date, have taken extreme measures in a 'display of faith', selling their possessions, quitting jobs, and leaving family behind to preach the pending doomsday with urgent hearts.

One ex-follower who was so disappointed with Camping called into the radio station to voice his opinion on Monday, saying Mr. Camping, you are pathetic.

Camping maintains that the end of the world did come on May 21, in a spiritual manner, and that October 21 is the ultimate date to look forward to. Besides the May 21, 2011 date, Camping also falsely predicted the end of the world in 1994.

Yet interestingly, some faithful followers continue to follow the so-called prophet. Would reality kick when he fails to properly predict doomsday for the third time?

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