“Longmire” is finally coming back! But after a 13-month hiatus, some fans might need a refresher. Check out where Season 3 left off before Season 4 premieres on Netflix on Thursday.

When we left off, Walt (Robert Taylor) had just killed David Ridges (David Midthunder), who was linked to Miller’s (John Lee Ames) murder, TVLine reports. However, Walt and Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) still had to prove that to the authorities to clear Henry’s name.

The men dug up Miller’s body to find that, just like in Branch’s (Bailey Chase) wound, there was a feather in his throat. However, that wasn’t exactly proof that Henry didn’t kill Miller. It still seemed that Henry would go to jail until Cady (Cassidy Freeman) came through. She showed officials evidence that linked Ridges to Miller’s murder, and if that wasn’t enough, also threatened they'd file a civil suit for suppressing evidence that proved Henry’s innocence. The officials dropped the charges.

Ridges apparently killed Miller after Miller killed Walt’s wife, Zap2It reports. Of course, the chain of command doesn’t end there. Nighthorse (A Martinez) sent Ridges to kill Walt’s wife, which makes Walt plan to go after him. However, he doesn’t realize that Nighthorse received the command from someone else.

While skeet shooting, Branch asks his father Barlow (Gerald McRaney) about some strange numbers he found in their books. It turns out that Barlow paid Nighthorse to go after Walt’s wife. A shotgun went off in the final moments of the finale, but the camera showed Walt at home. Who got shot: Branch or Barlow? Fans will have to tune in to Season 4 to find out.

Watch the “Longmire” Season 4 trailer below:

In “Longmire” Season 4, fans can expect Walt to take an even darker turn as he deals with the news that Nighthorse is responsible for his wife’s death. “He’s just not so sure about anything anymore,” Taylor teased to Collider. “Things affect him profoundly. Hurt affects him and he feels people’s pain a lot. He’s not sure how to deal with his own circumstances. He does resolve to do something about it, but ultimately that may not be the right decision.”

The premiere of Netflix’s new western will pick up just moments after the last scene in the finale, where a gunshot was heard. According to a press release, viewers “will finally learn what happened, and whether Walt can be stopped before he makes a fatal choice.”

“Longmire” Season 4 premieres on Netflix on Thursday, Sept. 10. Find out more information about how to watch here.