Loredana Jolie, Tiger Woods' former mistress, has updated the world on her current status: She has entered the wedding dress business.

Jolie, 28, told Fox411 that she is reinventing herself as a wedding dress seller with a collection of Italian, handcrafted dresses which will go on sale next month.

The dresses will be privately sold. My Web site will be up in two weeks and people can contact me directly, Jolie told Fox411. The dresses are all handmade and they're very beautiful.

Sicilian-born Jolie was the former Hawaiian Tropic model who made headlines in 2009 when she was exposed as one of Tiger Woods' mistresses, mistress number 15 to be exact.

When the whole Tiger thing started it was someone else who told the media that I was with him, Jolie said, not mentioning Michelle Braun's name.

Reports from 2009 pegged Braun, a former procurer for celebrities, as the person who spilled the beans.

One of his favorites was Loredana Jolie, Braun told the New York Daily News in 2009 as the scandal erupted. She's a stunning girl. He went out with her four or five times. ... They met up in 2006 or early 2007. I'd say he paid $15,000 for her.

Jolie kept her silence as Woods' marriage crumbled. Monday's interview with Fox411 marks the first time she speaks out about the affair, noting that she herself has suffered consequences, namely with a woman who wrote a book, The Real Diary: Lessons from the Good Time Girl to Champion, under her name.

A lot of people tried to take advantage of me and make money off me. I had to call Barnes and Noble and Amazon and ask them to stop selling it. I wanted to keep my name out of the media, Jolie told Fox411. I was moving on and having new relationships and they weren't happy with the media.

But time has healed the wounds of Jolie, who said she is now in a serious relationship of her own in addition to the wedding dress line.

The fact that I came across as a homewrecker really put a lot of pressure on me. I do believe in marriages and one day I want to get married myself, Loredana Jolie told Fox411. I am now in a serious relationship and I am very happy.