Rapper Miles Brock knows he has to come clean about his sexuality, but struggles with coming out as gay to his ex-girlfriend Amber on Monday's episode of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." As previously reported, Miles attempted to tell Amber his secret in last week's episode but changed his mind at the last minute. His hesitation caused a huge argument with his boyfriend Milan Christopher, who kicked him out of their apartment.

On the new episode, the rapper finally decides it's time to come clean and asks Amber if they could meet with a couples counselor. Before Amber arrives at the session, Miles tells the therapist how he's scared to come out as gay and reveals that his family doesn't even know his secret.

The episode ends before Miles drops the bombshell on Amber. Fans will have to tune in to next week's show to see Amber's reaction, but in a sneak peek Amber is seen running out of the therapy session in tears.

Also during Monday's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood," Princess Love and Teairra Mari get into another fight over Ray J. In last week's episode, Princess and Ray J broke up because she was upset he was still in contact with Teairra, who he previously dated.

Princess decides she wants to confront the "Deserve" singer about ruining her relationship with Ray J, but the two get into an argument and Princess tries to hit Teairra in the face. Security guards quickly separate the ladies but they almost get into a fight two more times.

Meanwhile, newbie Brandi Boyd gets into a nasty argument with blogger Jason Lee at one of Nikki Mudarris' events. Brandi is mad at the blogger for throwing a drink in Hazel-E's face during a recent meeting. When Jason calls Brandi a "Chihuahua," she gets angry and throws a glass of water in his face. Jason then gets into an argument with Nikki because he brought Kamiah Adams to the event. Fans will remember that Kamiah, Fizz's ex, got into a fight with Nikki, Fizz's current fling, a few episodes ago.

The episode also reveals a little more about Willie Taylor and Shanda Denyce’s relationship. Willie was introduced on the show last week and revealed that he and his family had recently moved to Los Angeles so he could pursue a music career.

In episode 6, the former Day26 singer is trying to get out of a bad contract he signed with an indie record label and is starting to worry about his family's financial problems. However, he assures his wife that everything is going to be OK and he'll figure out a way to fix things.