On Monday's episode of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" a few relationships fizzled out and exploded, while others blossomed. In episode 4, titled "L.A. Confidential," Miles Brock and his boyfriend Milan Christopher shared a sweet moment; Nikki Mudarris and Fizz decided to rekindle things and Brandi Boyd and her husband Max Boyd got into a nasty argument.

The episode started with Brandi, the goddaughter of Whitney Houston, barging into her husband's studio session where she catches him getting a little too close to another woman. Brandi is also furious Max always leaves his wedding ring at home whenever he's working in the studio.

Things get heated at the studio, but the fight quickly escalates at their home. Brandi demands to know why Max won't wear his wedding ring, and he accuses her of acting crazy and making terroristic threats against him. Things get so tense between the couple that Max takes his wedding ring and tosses it over a fence, which causes his wife to lose it and chase after him. Max hops into his Hummer and leaves Brandi standing in the middle of street, crying.

Meanwhile, Princess Love and Ray J are still having issues over Princess' friendship with Ray's ex-girlfriend Teairra Mari. During the episode, Princess tells Apryl Jones she thinks Teairra befriended her only to cause tension in her relationship with Ray. To try and prove the "Deserve" singer is being sneaky, Princess decides to invite Teairra to a fake girls' trip to Las Vegas.

However, Teairra is also questioning her friendship with Princess and tells Moniece Slaughter and Amber Laura she thinks the model is trying to set her up. Teairra decides to tell Ray about Princess' trip to Vegas to "get in Ray's head."

While Princess and Ray's relationship seems to be going downhill, Miles and Milan are finally making some progress with their romance. As previously reported, Milan was worried Miles was cheating on him because he's not ready to go public with their relationship, but Miles explains to Hazel-E he's nervous about coming out as a gay rapper.

During a confessional, Hazel-E says the hip-hop industry isn't ready for an openly gay rapper and she feels bad for the situation Miles is in. Later in the episode, Miles steps up to the plate and shows Milan he's serious about their romance by getting the first letter of their names tattooed on him.

Also during the episode, former B2K singer Fizz gets caught up in a messy situation with Nikki and Kamiah Adams. Kamiah is still upset over how Fizz ended things between them and starts bashing him to blogger Jason Lee. She tells Jason the singer might need Viagra because he has issues in the bedroom. 

When Nikki hears about how Kamiah is bashing Fizz, she offers to help him get the model's belongings out of his house. Of course, Nikki's way of getting Kamiah's stuff out causes problems and Kamiah tries to fight Nikki and hits Fizz in the face. A sneak peek of next week's episode teases a big fight between Nas and Nia Riley over Soulja Boy.