Monday's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" Season 2 reunion is full of drama and catfights. Part two kicks off with Moniece Slaughter arguing with Brandi Boyd and Shanda Denyce about the former's parenting skills, or lack thereof.

Brandi and Shanda slam Moniece for not taking care of her son, whom she shares with cast member Fizz. Moniece gets upset and tries to attack Brandi but security steps in and separates them. Shanda also tries to fight Moniece, but again both ladies are held back by guards. Out of nowhere, Princess Love runs on stage and lunges at Moniece but she's stopped by security.

To try and calm everyone down, Moniece and Brandi are taken backstage to separate dressing rooms. Moniece starts crying and says she can't deal with the drama anymore. Rich Dollaz goes backstage to talk to Moniece and tries to calm her down. Eventually, Moniece comes back onstage but doesn’t really want to participate in the reunion anymore.

Next up, blogger Jason Lee and Hazel-E, who quit "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" in September, try and squash their feud but the two aren't able to resolve anything. Jason apologizes to Hazel for throwing a drink in her face but Hazel doesn't accept his apology. Jason explains that their beef started when Hazel allegedly shamed him for being gay.

Rapper Soulja Boy and his girlfriend Nia Riley also aren't able to resolve their issues with female rapper Nas. As previously recapped, Nas claims Soulja cheated on Nia several times with her.

During the Season 2 reunion, Nas and Soulja starts arguing when Nas tells everyone that she and the "Crank Dat" rapper are still sleeping together. Nas also gets into a screaming match with Nia which leads to Nia jumping up out of her seat and trying to fight Nas. Several security guards quickly rush forward to break up the brawl and the two ladies are removed from the stage. The conversation then switches to Nass fight on episode 7 with Nikki Mudarris. Nikki tells host Nina Parker that she thinks Nas needs to move on and leave Soulja boy alone since the rapper is still with Nia.

Also during the show fans hear from Miles Brock and Milan Christopher. Milan shockingly reveals that when he first started the show he had intentions to propose to Miles during the reunion. He says he changed his mind, however, after he found out that Miles was cheating on him with another man. Miles denies the allegations and accuses his ex of trying to seek attention.

Milan gets upset and drops the engagement ring on the ground, and Miles stands up and kicks it off the stage. Milan goes backstage and starts crying, but later joins the cast again.

Rounding out the end of the reunion is singer Willie Taylor and his wife Shanda. Shanda apologizes to Willie for going behind his back to dance at a strip club, and explains that she panicked because they were living in a new city and having some money problems. Shanda says she's giving up exotic dancing for right now, and Willie reveals he has a new album dropping next year.

Season 6 of "Love & Hip Hop: New York" premieres Monday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.