Monday's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" was intense. Episode 7 picks up with rapper Miles Brock visiting a therapist who is going to help him come out as gay to his ex-girlfriend Amber Hunter.

In last week's episode, Miles explained to his therapist that he was keeping a major secret from Amber and hadn't told her that he was in a relationship with another man. He felt it would be easier to break the news to Amber with the therapist there with them.

This episode kicks off with Miles explaining to Amber that the reason they can't work things out is because he's attracted to men. Amber immediately starts crying and runs out of the building, collapsing on the ground in tears. In her confessional, Amber tells the camera it's been rumored for years that Miles is gay, but she never believed the gossip.

Amber is so angry and upset over the rapper's reveal that she tries to punch him and screams at him to leave her alone. Amber explains to the therapist that she doesn't hate Miles but is mad he waited so many years to come out to her.

After leaving the therapy session, Amber goes to her grandmother's house and tells her what happened with Miles. Amber's grandmother is upset over the news but tells her she has always suspected it.

Later on in the episode, Miles also comes out to his family. At first they tell him he needs to make better decisions, and say they always wanted to see him married to a woman, but in the end they tell him they will always support him.

Elsewhere on "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood," things get really awkward between Nikki Mudarris and Nas. Nikki tells Nia Riley, Soulja Boy's on-and-off girlfriend, that she is going to meet up with Nas to tell her to stop sleeping around with the "Crank Dat" rapper.

At Nas' store event, Nikki confronts the female rapper and tells her she needs to value herself more as a woman. Of course the two ladies get into an argument, but in the middle of their fight, Nas starts throwing up. She tries to resume her argument with Nikki but has to turn away because she keeps vomiting.

It's not clear what is going on with Nas, but Twitter users seem to think she may be pregnant with Soulja Boy's baby.