Nothing was resolved on part two of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 3 reunion. Brandi Boyd and Moniece Slaughter still don’t like each other, Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E’s feud may have gotten worse and Willie Taylor is still in trouble with his wife. Keep reading to get the recap of Monday’s episode.

The reunion kicks off with Hazel-E coming to the stage to confront Masika. Hazel, who quit the series after Season 2, made an appearance on episode 11 and almost got into a fight with Masika. As soon as Hazel steps foot on the reunion stage, Masika jumps up and makes a beeline for the audience telling host Nina Parker that she refuses to be in Hazel’s presence.

Parker tries to get Masika to stay, and the “Andale” singer takes a seat in the audience with the other cast members. Hazel starts explaining her long-standing feud with Masika, and the two ladies start trading jabs over a song Hazel may or may not have done with Masika’s ex, Fetty Wap. Eventually, Masika gets fed up again and heads backstage. She tells the producers that she does not want to be around Hazel and she won’t return to the stage until Hazel leaves.

The reunion then switches gears to Safaree Samuels and his on and off Jamaican accent. Rosa Acosta starts going off on Safaree about his accent, his “stupid a-- fur” and not being able to pay for dinner when he takes Nikki Mudarris out on a date. Safaree then takes a jab at Rosa, and although his comments were bleeped out, Parker tells him he needs to be a lot more respectful towards women. Nikki chimes in and tells Safaree that he needs to get his life — and finances — in order before he tries dating her or any other woman.

Safaree eventually apologizes to Rosa for disrespecting her. When Parker asks Safaree if it was awkward for him to go to Fizz — Nikki’s ex — about dating her, Nikki and Fizz start arguing. Fizz says he’s over Nikki and she can be easily replaced, and Nikki tells everyone that he’s just mad because she told that her sex life was a lot better with Safaree.

Next up on the reunion stage is Willie and his wife Shanda Denyce. Willie explains that he didn’t come clean right away about his inappropriate text messages to Kyesha because he was scared and thought his life was in jeopardy. Shanda says that she was mad Willie lied to her and made her go through that personal situation on camera in front of the world.

When Kyesha tells her side of the story she claims that she and Willie were in a relationship and she got pregnant with his baby around the same time Shanda was pregnant. Willie denies they were ever in a relationship and doesn’t believe the baby she claims she was pregnant with was his. Kyesha starts screaming at Willie for refusing to acknowledge that he got her pregnant. Later, Shanda says that she and Willie are still married but they did separate over everything that happened.

Brandi and Masika are then back in the spotlight, and start arguing over Brandi abruptly ending Masika’s studio session with Max Boyd. During their argument, Moniece jumps in and alleges that Max has a secret child. Max says Moniece is spreading lies.

Teairra Mari also takes the stage to talk about her alcohol addiction and court case involving an alleged altercation with an Uber driver. Teairra says she’s scared she may have to go jail, but the cast has her back and is supporting her.

The reunion ends with Brandi and Moniece unsure of whether they could ever be friends and Nia Riley telling the ladies how disappointed she is in them. Nia says they all need to grow up, do better and get along. Fizz is able to clear things with Max and tells everyone that he appreciates all the guys on the cast. Safaree tries to close out the reunion with a group hug, but nobody is in the mood for a Kumbaya moment. Parker suggests the cast still needs to work towards a group hug.