"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Amber Hunter bashed her co-star Milan Christopher in a new interview, calling him "fake" and "malicious." As previously reported, Amber confronted Milan on episode 8 demanding to know more about his relationship with her ex-boyfriend Miles Brock. Even though they ended the conversation on good terms, it seems Amber is still upset over Milan and Miles dating each other behind her back. 

“Milan is very fake and he’s malicious," Amber told VH1. "He’s not solid and he lies. Milan is a person that’s treacherous. He seen me and Miles together, he knew we were together.”

Amber told the outlet that Milan knew she and Miles had a past and for that reason, he shouldn't have pursued the rapper. 

“What makes you think that it was OK to pursue him relationship wise?” she questioned.

Amber and Milan have been feuding for weeks. Earlier this month, she lashed out at her VH1 co-star, writing that nothing he said would destroy her friendship with Miles. 

“@milanchristopher Nothing good comes from someone with such a black heart filled with all kinds of malice intent," she wrote (via Wetpaint). "It’s sad that one can not be happy for the person they so called ‘Loved.’ For you @milanchristopher to stoop to an all time low and try to defeat @siirbrock character is insane. Just as insane as you are!”

“To be honest I don’t trust you and never have,” Amber continued. “Your [sic] so desperate you will do anything to harm @siirbrock… Your [sic] doing the devils work. Which I’m sure feels like home.”

As previously reported, Milan and Miles broke up in October amid rumors that Miles cheated. The former couple documented their rocky romance on Season 2 of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood," which followed Miles struggling to come out as gay to Amber.