Milan Christopher slams Miles Brock
Milan Christopher and his ex-boyfriend Miles Brock are arguing on Instagram after rumors of a split. Pictured: Milan Christopher at Chaz Dean's Summer Party Benefiting Love Is Louder on Aug. 2, 2014 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Milan Christopher seems to be taking his split from Miles Brock a little hard. The model and VH1 reality star posted a photo on Wednesday of an animated version of himself with his heart ripped out, writing, "I hate allowing people to use me, I have being exploited, I hate not being real. I hate being human, I hate having a heart. I hate feeling like this."

He added, "I wish I had no emotions. No heart. No Conscious, No Nothing. Take it. Take it all. All I ever wanted was love, all I ever wanted was to show the world a true love story. It’s all different, you’re different. I’m just not made for this. I’m just not good enough.”

Christopher's somber post comes one day after he and ex-boyfriend Miles Brock bashed each other over social media. According to Wetpaint, Christopher was upset Brock kept his sexuality hidden for so many years.

“It’s not my fault Miles fraud a-- lied to Amber, for 10 plus years. Some 1 he allegedly calls his bestfriend, and lied to me for 2 ½ years some1 he allegedly was in love with," Chrisopher ranted. "While mfs all on his page calling him strong and tap dancing with the paty party... the only one who lost out in this bs was me. I should have been smart enough to know, if a confused a-- scary a-- n---- would live a lie, lie to his *girl*, lie to his family, lie to me, lie to the world for that long. Why would I think he would do anything other then be a complete lien a--- wack sauce a-- n--- to me or in our relationship.”

Brock fired back with his Instagram response, threatening to spill secrets about Christopher, which only angered his ex-lover even more.

“Miles girl you do NOT want to try it baby… Talk about MF skeletons… That closet looks like MF catacombs of Paris… Do you want to play this game," he fired back.

As previously reported, Christopher announced a few weeks ago that he and Brock had split. However, the pair briefly rekindled things before falling out again earlier this week. The cast of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" recently linked back up to film the Season 2 reunion slated to air Monday, Nov. 30.