Amber Laura (aka Amber Hunter) is once again feuding with Milan Christopher and blames him for getting her fired from "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." The rapper revealed Friday she won't be returning for Season 3.

According to TMZ, Amber's rep said she recently found out she had been axed from the show when VH1 failed to send her a call sheet for the upcoming season. The rep supposedly wasn't given a reason behind Amber being fired, but she believes it's because Milan bad-mouthed her to executives.

As previously reported, Amber and Milan have been feuding for months over Miles Brock. Miles dated Amber but ended things so he could pursue a relationship with Milan. The drama played out on Season 2 of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood."

After the season finale aired in December, Amber and Milan bashed each other over social media and in interviews. In November, Amber lashed out at her co-star, telling VH1 that Milan destroyed her family with Miles.

“Milan is very fake and he’s malicious,” she said. “He’s not solid and he lies. Milan is a person that’s treacherous. He seen me and Miles together, he knew we were together.” 

The model-rapper responded by telling Us Weekly later that same month that Amber and Miles never dated.

"Miles is gay. He's not bisexual. He's never been in a relationship with Amber, not one time," he said. "It's all for the sake of television, all for this unknown brand he's trying to create.”