Princess Love has had enough of her “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast mate Moniece Slaughter bashing her in the media. On Season 3, episode 3, Princess confronts Moniece about their feud and things almost get violent when Moniece asks Princess to apologize to her. Also during the episode, Brandi Boyd finally comes clean to her husband, Max Lux, about what she’s been hiding from him, but will her confession lead to marriage issues?

Monday’s episode kicks off with Willie Taylor and his wife Shanda Denyce discussing their future together. In episode 2, Willie admitted he had been texting Kyesha behind Shanda’s back. Willie is determined to fix their relationship and promises he’ll do better, but Shanda isn’t convinced revealing that he’s been unfaithful in the past.

Meanwhile, Brandi has been keeping a huge secret from her husband and some of her friends. She finally meets up with Princess to tell her that she and her friend/business partner turned their online boutique into an actual storefront. Princess is happy for Brandi but wants to know where she got the money to invest in a store. Brandi reveals that Max gave her $27,000 in cash to put away for their son but she took the money and invested it in the store. Brandi says she hasn’t told Max yet, and then reveals that she’s been using Princess as an alibi whenever Max wants to know what she’s up to. Princess  knows her fiancé Ray J is going to ask what Brandi is up to and doesn’t feel comfortable lying to him.

Later in the episode, Princess tells Ray J what Brandi has been doing but asks him not to say anything to Max. Ray J promises he won’t say a word, but when Max asks Ray J about Brandi and Princess hanging out so much, Ray J tells him that they haven’t been spending as much time together as she’s been telling him. Max wants to find out what Brandi is up, and Ray J says he will help him.

The next day, Princess and Brandi meet at a clothing store to talk. Ray J and Max show up in the middle of their conversation. Ray J says that Princess told him where they would be that day, but Max still isn’t able to figure out what Brandi is doing behind his back. When the guys leave, Princess tells Brandi that she told Ray J everything about the store and the money. Brandi is scared Ray J will tell Max, and says that she wants to tell him at a launch party for the store.

The day of Brandi’s party, everything is going well until Max shows up. Brandi pulls him aside and explains everything to him and he gets mad and storms out. Max gets in the car to leave, and to stop him Brandi takes off her shoes and jumps on top of the hood of the car screaming through the windshield at him. Eventually she gets off the car, and Max speeds away. Brandi tries to run after the car but drops in the middle of the street crying.

Brandi and Max aren’t the only cast members having issues, Princess and Moniece’s feud is far from over and the two meet up to talk about their issues. Princess wants to know why Moniece keeps talking about her during interviews and Moniece explains that she’s still mad Princess attacked her motherhood and wants Princess to apologize. When Princess refuses, Moniece gets up to walk away but Princess runs around the table and tries to lunge for Moniece. Security steps in to keep them apart.

Fans are also introduced to new cast members Lyrica Anderson and her fiancé, music producer A1. Lyrica doesn’t get along with A1’s mom, Pam, and he is having issues with Lyrica’s mom, Lyrica G. Most of the issues stem from Pam overextending her stay at Lyrica and A1’s home.