Willie Taylor cheating rumors
Willie Taylor is caught in the middle of a cheating scandal after his mistress tells his wife about them texting each other on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 3, episode 2. VH1

A ton of secrets were revealed on Monday’s Season 3, episode 2 of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” Moniece Slaughter stirs up drama with Princess Love after revealing she once slept with Ray J, and Shanda Denyce confronts a woman claiming to be her husband Willie Taylor’s mistress.

The episode kicks off with Shanda interrupting Willie’s recording session to show him a print out of text messages between him and a woman named Kyesha Shalina. Kyesha claims she’s been secretly hooking up with the former Day 26 singer for almost a decade. Willie admits he knows Kyesha from Chicago but denies ever cheating with her. He also says the text messages are fake, but when Shanda proves that it’s his cell phone number he apologizes. Shanda tosses the papers in his face and makes Willie come outside so they can both talk to Kyesha. As they’re walking towards Kyesha, he apologizes again and starts yelling at Kyesha saying that he messed up but he loves his wife. During the middle of argument, Kyesha drops a bombshell: she was pregnant by Willie. Shanda and Willie storm off but she’s not done trying to get to the bottom of everything.

Back at home, Willie apologizes again and tells his wife that he didn’t mean to text Kyesha. He explains that the texting started because Kyesha had reached out to him to tell him that her mom died. He says the messages started out innocent, but claims it’s been 12 years since he saw Kyesha in person. Shanda is still skeptical and wants to have a meeting with him and Kyesha.

Later in the episode, Shanda, Willie and Kyesha meet and Shanda asks what happened to Kyesha’s baby. She explains that she lost the baby because she was stressed out that Willie had gotten Shanda pregnant at the same time. When Kyesha admits she’s still in love with Willie, Shanda reaches across the table and hits Kyesha in her face. Security steps in to separate them.

Willie and Shanda aren’t the only couple having relationship problems. Max Boyd brings home a bag full of cash — $27,000 — and tells his wife Brandi Boyd to take the money and put it somewhere safe for their son to use for college one day. Brandi says she will but she’s secretly been spending the money on something else. Max gets suspicious when he finds out that Brandi has been lying to him about spending time with Princess to help plan her wedding. He’s determined to find out what Brandi is hiding and starts to do some investigating.

Another couple having some issues is Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap. Masika makes her debut on the show and meets with lawyers about having a baby with Fetty, who’s denying the child is his. Masika says that she didn’t want to get lawyers involved but the “My Way” rapper isn’t leaving her a choice. Masika wants Fetty to take a paternity test to prove the baby girl is his, but he’s been refusing to take it.

While a majority of the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” couples are struggling to keep things together, Princess and Ray J seem to be doing better than ever. At their engagement party, Ray J decides to tear up the prenuptial agreement telling his guests that he doesn’t feel like it’s necessary. Ray J’s mom, who suggested he have Princess a prenup, isn’t happy and says she’s going to find a way to make sure her son and Princess have a prenup before they walk down the aisle.

Also during the episode, Princess is feuding with Moniece. Moniece says her beef with Princess started because she was once hooked up with Ray J. During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Princess issues Moniece a warning telling her to watch her back because she’s “coming for” her. At the end of the episode, Moniece tells Teairra Mari that Princess reached out to her so they could meet up.