DJ Self and Cisco Rosado had to learn the hard way that they should probably keep their professional and personal relationships separate. On episode 4 of "Love & Hip Hop: New York," both men find themselves at the center of two different cat fights.

The episode kicks off immediately following the events of last week's episode 3: Cardi B and Yorma are fighting over DJ Self. As recapped last week, the New York City DJ brought his girlfriend Yorma to Mariah Lynn's birthday party and she got angry when Cardi popped up and revealed that she's been also hooking up with DJ Self. In episode 4, the two ladies exchange a few blows before security steps in and pulls them apart.

Cardi is taken outside and put inside a waiting black SUV, but she gets mad and kicks the window out of the car. Yorma starts crying and leaves the party telling DJ Self that she never wants to talk to him again.

Meanwhile, Moe Money and Sexxy Lexxy meet up and Moe reveals she's dating someone new. It turns out her new beau is Cisco. Later in the episode, Moe meets Cisco for a dinner date and she invites him to her and Lexxy's single release party.

Moe tells Cisco that he's going to finally meet Lexxy for the first time as well as her parents. Cisco seems hesitant to meet Moe's family but agrees to be her date for the party. However, things go horribly wrong at the event when DJ Self walks in the party with Mariah Lynn. He brings her as his guest so she can meet other people in the music industry, but doesn’t know Mariah and Cisco just started hooking up. Cisco initially has no idea Mariah is at the party.  

Eventually, Mariah spots Cisco out on the balcony and goes over to talk to him. He's chatting with Moe and the two ladies soon find out that Cisco has been dating them both at the same time.

Moe gets mad and walks away but Cisco goes after her to try and calm her down. Moe doesn't want to talk to him and asks security to throw him and Mariah out of the party. Mariah says she's not leaving and gets into an argument with Moe. Security steps in before a fight breaks out.

Also during the episode, DJ Self meets Cardi B at the studio and tries to apologize to her for what happened at Mariah's birthday party. Cardi says she's "not mad, [she's] ferocious" and isn't ready to forgive DJ Self. The radio personality tells her that he thinks it's best they stop hooking up with each other.

Later, DJ Self tries to make it up to Yorma by apologizing and confessing his love for her during his radio show. Yorma finds the gesture romantic and starts to cry. In the end, the two make up and she forgives him.

Rich Dollaz is also going through his own drama on the show. When his ex Miracle finds out he let their 16-year-old daughter Ashley get her belly button pierced, she decides it's time for Ashley to move back home with her. Rich gets upset with Miracle and tells her that she's being too strict with Ashley. Miracle doesn't want to hear it and tells Rich that he needs to stop trying to be Ashley's "buddy" and be a parent to her. In the end, Miracle still makes Ashley move back in with her.