Real estate investors are moving back into the market, according to a new survey from

According to the survey, 12.1 percent of home buyers today plan to buy a home as an investment property, compared to 5.6 percent in March 2009. The survey found that 15.8 percent of those interested in investment property were men and 8.1 percent were women and 52.6 percent of the investment buyers were between ages 35 to 49.

Of the 25.3 percent of buyers who are focusing on foreclosure properties, 42 percent regard the purchase they are considering an investment and don't plan to live in the property themselves; 13.2 percent plan to rent out the property; 11.3 percent are going to fix up the property and resell it; and 17.4 percent plan to house a family member until the property can be sold profitably.

Of the 9.8 percent of buyers who say that they plan to purchase and live in a property in the next two years, 5.4 percent plan to purchase in the next 12 months; 48.3 percent are first-time buyers; 52.8 percent are women, and 44.1 percent are men.

Buyers of investment and personal property say they are motivated by these factors:

  • Prices are as low as they will go, 23.6 percent
  • Foreclosure prices are a bargain, 18.7 percent
  • Great selection of homes for sale in their target community, 21.2 percent
  • Concerned interest rates will rise, 14.2 percent

Source: (11/11/2009)