The infamous LulzSec members have emerged once again and this time the victim is the website of The Sun, UK's best-selling daily newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch's News International.
On visiting the website, it reportedly redirected to a hoax page featuring a story about Rupert Murdoch being found dead in his garden.
Then the site stopped working leading to Lulzsec's Twitter account, where the users are greeted by the message, This is only the beginning. F*** you Murdoch. You are next, and Arrest us. We dare you. We are the unstoppable hacking generation.....
Last month the hackers group had announced that they have put an end to the activities after perpetrating a slew of hacker attacks on organizations it took umbrage with.
However, the group seems to have more appetite to come into the limelight now now.
Monday night's hack of The Sun occurred because one of the hackers found a weakness in a 'retired' server of the News International 'microsites' - used for small or unimportant stories, running The Sun's Solaris operating system.
Following the incident, a News International spokesperson said that the company was aware of what was going on with the website of The Sun, but did not reveal any further information.