Several dedicated Lupita Nyong’o fans are attempting to get the actress a coveted role in one of Hollywood’s most successful film franchises.

It’s beyond a long shot. But that hasn’t kept Jamie Broadnax from organizing an online petition requesting that Twentieth Century replace Halle Berry with Nyong’o in future X-Men films. The petition even includes a cartoon illustration of what a silver-haired Nyong’o might look like as Storm. Nyong'o won for Best Supporting Actress at the 86th Academy Awards for her role in the film "12 Years a Slave."

In a brief statement on the petition, Broadnax wrote: 

"This is important because listening to the demands of your consumer base means more than your own personal casting choices. She has the accent, the look, and the acting chops to play Storm as the comic book intended. Please kindly take this into consideration and respect the demand of Marvel consumers and fans of this amazing franchise. This petition was started based on the overwhelming responses to my tweet "I volunteer as tribute to lead a social media charge to get Lupita cast as Storm!"

At this time, only about 900 people have signed the petition. It is doubtful  Berry will be sacked for Hollywood’s newest “it girl.” But you can’t deny that if a casting change did go down, Nyong’o would likely make for one fierce Storm.