Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” newbies Lyrica Anderson and A1 learned the hard way that eloping might not have been the best idea. The lovebirds decided not to have an actual wedding ceremony because of how much their moms fought, but when the couple broke the news to their parents things went from bad to worse. Keep reading to get the recap of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” Season 3, episode 7.

Monday’s show kicks off with Ray J venting to Max Boyd about how stressful wedding planning was going for him. Ray J and Princess Love are planning their big day, but Princess is annoyed that her fiancé isn’t stepping up to the plate more and helping her with the details. Max is also going through his own drama, and tells Ray J that his wife Brandi Boyd went off when she found out that he was working with Masika Kalysha on a song. Ray J asks what Masika was wearing to the studio session, and says his plan to stay out of trouble once he’s married is to have girls cover up whenever they’re around him.

Teairra Mari is also going through a few issues on episode 7. She’s trying to get her music career going again, but is told by a close friend that her bad girl reputation is ruining things for her. Teairra’s friend says people are always asking why she’s so crazy and always in the blogs for doing something erratic. Teairra promises to leave the drama behind her and focus on releasing great music.

Later in the show, Teairra joins Nikki Mudarris and Shanda Denyce to celebrate Nikki’s birthday. While the ladies are drinking, they start talking about Teairra’s legal drama. Teairra has to go to court after getting into a fight with an Uber driver a few years ago. If she’s found guilty, Teairra could be sent to jail between 30 days and six months. Nikki reveals that she’s been keeping her distance from Teairra because of all her legal troubles, but says she thinks it’s time for her to step up and be a friend and help Teairra through her issues. One suggestion Nikki has is for Teairra to cut back on her drinking.

Also during the episode, Princess is so fed up with Ray J’s lack of interest in the wedding that she brings an officiate to his Scooti-bike store and tells him that they can get married in the store since he doesn’t want to help with the wedding planning. Ray J says that’s out of the question and promises Princess that he’s going to start helping.

Now onto Lyrica and A1. In last week’s episode of the VH1 show, the couple eloped because of the stress surrounding their wedding. Lyrica’s mom, Lyrica G, and A1’s mom, Pam, are always bickering and fighting. The constant beef between the moms is causing stress between Lyrica and A1, so they decided the best thing to do was to elope with no one there to ruin it. On Monday’s episode, Lyrica and A1 move into their new home together and decide to have a house warming/wedding reception party. They plan on revealing to their moms at the party that they’re married. Lyrica hopes that telling their moms in front of other people will make them behave, but she’s wrong. As soon as Lyrica and A1 reveal their happy news, Lyrica G throws her glass of champagne on the ground and starts screaming at them. Lyrica G also gets into a shouting match with Pam, and then storms out of the party.