Nikki Mudarris went from living a double life and having two secret lovers, to being completely single. On Season 3, episode 5 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” one of the storylines centered on the model and her complicated love life.

On Monday’s episode, Safaree Samuels meets up for an outdoor workout with Ray J, A1 and Willie Taylor. Ray J tells the guys his wedding planning with Princess Love is starting to stress him out, and A1 suggests he elope. A1 then reveals he and Lyrica Anderson eloped instead of having a big ceremony because their mothers couldn’t get along. Safaree then dishes on his love life telling the guys about him and Nikki dating. Ray J tells Safaree he heard Nikki is also hooking up with model Rosa Acosta and tells him he needs to confront Nikki about it. Ray J says Safaree should demand a threesome with Nikki and Rosa, but A1 doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Safaree tells the camera he wants to talk to Nikki because he made it clear he wasn’t going to date anyone else and didn’t want her dating anyone else either. Nikki claims she’s been spending more time with Rosa because she and Safaree have been so on and off lately.

While Nikki is at an event with Rosa, blogger Jason Lee comes up to their table and Nikki immediately starts questioning him about photos he posted of her on a date with Safaree. Rosa thinks Nikki isn’t dating anyone besides her. Jason explains it’s his job to post the photos for his audience, but Nikki denies it was a date. During Rosa’s confessional, she tells the camera she believes Nikki and Safaree aren’t dating because she and Nikki agreed to be honest with each other. Nikki isn’t sure how much longer she can keep up her double life.

Apparently, Nikki’s lies are about to catch up with her sooner than she thinks. Safaree finds out via Instagram that Nikki is hosting an event, and shows up unannounced. When he arrives, he goes searching for Nikki and finds her in the back making out with Rosa. Nikki tells her two lovers she hasn’t been being honest with them, and admits she’s been dating them both. Safaree accuses Nikki of living a double life and then says that he wants the both of them. Nikki and Rosa seem to get offended, and Nikki shuts him down quashing his dreams of hooking up with both of them at the same time.

Safaree leaves, and then Nikki and Rosa start arguing about her lies. Rosa eventually walks away too seemingly breaking things off with Nikki. Nikki tries to explain she was just waiting for the right time to tell Rosa about Safaree, but Rosa isn’t buying any of it.

So what else happened on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”? Masika, who fans saw gave birth to her daughter on last Monday’s episode, is trying to get her music career going and enlists Max Boyd to produce some music for her. Masika is ready to work with Max, but is concerned how his wife Brandi Boyd will react. Max tells her not to worry about it, and they agree to move forward with working together.

Later during Masika and Max’s studio session, Brandi walks in and immediately starts asking why Max is working with Masika. Brandi explains she doesn’t trust Masika because the singer supposedly tried to sleep with her friend’s husband. Masika denies the accusations, claiming the guy hit on her but she shut him down and refused to work with him again.

Brandi and Masika start bickering and security steps forward just in case things start to escalate. Eventually, Masika leaves the studio and Brandi and Max start arguing. Max is annoyed Brandi interrupted his studio session, and Brandi says she’s trying to make it up to him for spending their son’s money. Brandi hands Max $15,000 in cash but he doesn’t want it.

Princess Love also has her issues on episode 5. At one point, Princess gets upset and emotional because she feels she’s planning her and Ray J’s wedding by herself. Princess meets with a wedding planner and when the planner starts telling her everything that needs to be done for the ceremony, Princess starts to panic. The wedding planner suggests Princess and Ray J start off by doing something fun, like cake tasting. Princess agrees, but Ray J doesn’t show up to the appointment even though he promised earlier in the episode to step up and help her with the planning.