Online orders of MacBook Air are held in abeyance as Apple plans to release an updated version of its minuscule laptop, reports said.

Best Buy, a U.S retailer has put a hold on taking online MacBook Air orders and have listed the product as Not Available for Shipping.

Best Buy continues to offer portables from the stores but some stores have run out of stock.

Only in the stores where it is most needed, the retailer allows orders for a MacBook Air with 128GB of storage.

Apple will ship a new MacBook Air with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt port incorporated in it.

Apple is waiting until it can load a Gold Master build of Mac OS X Lion onto the notebooks before releasing them. Mac OS X Lion is due for release on the Mac App Store in July, AppleInsider reported.

Earlier this month, Apple executive Phil Schiller remarked that the MacBook Air has been a key driver of the company's outpacing of the PC market. It's beautiful, it's thin, it's light, it's fast, Schiller said during the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. The whole PC industry wants to copy it.