Google To Lower Service Fees

Google announced it would lower service fees for developers from 30% to 15%, in line with what Apple is already doing. However, this move is unlikely to satiate developers or government officials who accuse the two companies of unfair business practices.

This Apple Patent Could Help iPad, MacBook Owners Fend Off Snoopers

A new patent from Apple could address the worries of keeping data or documents on displays away from prying eyes soon. Through the "gaze patent" encryption, snoopers will no longer be able to catch a glimpse at iPad, iMacs and MacBook displays and potentially steal sensitive information.


MacBook Air

Is Apple’s New M1 Chip Better Than Intel Processors?

Apple recently launched a slew of new Mac devices, all of them powered by the M1 chip. The tech giant said the chip allows the new Mac models to surpass their predecessors in terms of processing speed and power, but is this true?