After weeks of speculation, it was confirmed that Amber Rose is dating Machine Gun Kelly. The pair has been linked for quite some time but had not yet gone public with their romance. During an AOL Build interview, the Cleveland rapper, 25, was asked if there were any tabloid rumors he had wanted to confirm or dispel.

The musician responded, “What are you talking about -- with Amber? Ya’ll know what's up!” he said. Machine Gun Kelly and Rose, the ex of Wiz Khalifa, had been romantically linked since sharing an embrace at an airport in London last month. The rapper discussed his relationship with Rose, saying that it was not planned. It happened naturally and he went with the flow rather than going against it. MGK admitted that it is tough dating Amber, who is always in the headlines. He said everyday it is like a struggle to cope up with someone who is in spotlight constantly, according to Perez Hilton.

Amber has a 2-year-old son with ex-husband Khalifa and is famous for dating Kanye West before he settled down with Kim Kardashian. Rose filed for divorce in September 2014, while Kelly and his ex-wife welcomed a daughter in 2008. In addition to modeling, Amber has appeared in several hip-hop videos and on reality TV shows like "Running Russell Simmons," "RuPaul’s Drag Race," and "Master Of The Mix."

The model and hip hop artist is known for her racy Instagram posts. In a picture that Rose shared Friday, she is stripped down to bikini bottoms and shows off her tanned back while sunbathing topless. The image emerged after Kelly confirmed his new-found love.

The actress’s back has tan lines in the shape of what could be a crop top with a cutout back. In the picture Rose is perhaps trying to channel Rihanna’s infamous naked Liu magazine cover shoot.