Many online users wondered whether Macklemore, the man behind hits such as “Thrift Shop,” was gay after the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song “Same Love” about marriage equality was released. The rapper, whose birth name is Ben Haggerty, appeared on Chelsea Handler’s late-night comedy show “Chelsea Lately” in August, when he and Lewis talked about their sexual orientation to set the record straight.

“You’re both straight, right?” the host asked, prompting giggles from the studio audience.

“Regardless of what the Internet thinks, yes.” Macklemore replied.

“Do people on the Internet think you’re a couple?” Handler asked.

At that point, the Seattle rapper, 30, explained that if Google Search users type “is” or “Macklemore” into the search text box, one of the first things that comes up reads, “Is Macklemore gay.” Therefore, he said with his head down, “So, yes, the Internet thinks that I’m gay. It’s not true.”

Handler changed the subject, asking where the guys met.

“We met on Myspace,” Lewis told the talk-show host.

As Handler jokingly wondered whether anyone still used Myspace, Macklemore threw his hands up in the air and said, “All right, fine, we’re gay!”

Handler continued the interview, saying she read Macklemore was “obsessed” with the Broadway show “Cats.” And she quipped, “That does sound pretty gay,” which led the “Thrift Shop” star to bow his head once again and say, “Yes.”

Check out the video of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis appearance on Handler’s talk show below: