The upcoming four-day Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas and the anticipated Macworld event that starts Monday shows distinctiveness.

CES is a yearly industry event where its members can show off their hottest new products to dealers, industry professionals, and market watchers. Macworld is a consumer show having its own stores to show off its goods.

There are rumors from case manufacturers that a new iPhone Nano with a smaller body will be coming out, biggest member of Apple's new family of notebooks is on track for a Macworld 2009 release, It is also believed that Apple wants to introduce Snow Leopard before rival Microsoft launches its much anticipated Windows 7 and many more to be reveal.

CES featuring many of its member like MSI to show U115 Netbook running hard disk drive (HDD) and a solid state disk (SSD) drive at same time, Lenovo's Y-Series IdeaPad Y650 claimed to be the thinnest, larger, lightest 16-inch laptop. Sony Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. will introduce new flat-panel TV sets that provide smoother-looking action scenes, 3-D capabilities and Internet connections that can download movies, weather data and screen savers, JVC will aslo showcase a 7mm 32 LED backlight LCD prototype.

Last year's CES show drew 152,000 visitors and a record number of exhibitors, making it the largest show of any kind in the U.S.

About 44,000 people attended Macworld last year. Macworld is expecting more successful years. Macworld Conference & Expo has thrived for 25 years due to the strong support of tens of thousands of members of the Mac community worldwide, said Paul Kent, vice president and general manager of Macworld. We look forward to many more successful years of Macworld to come. MSI to show U115 Netbook running the traditional hard disk drive (HDD) and a solid state disk (SSD) drive