Sunday night's “Mad Men” featured Don Draper and Roger Sterling setting off to sunny California for business only to end up a wild drug-fueled party. At the party, Don falls into more and more of a Daze, resulting in him falling into a pool. Back in New York, Pete is seen sitting on a couch, smoking a blunt and turning his head as a woman walks past.

Take a look at some of the GIFs from Season 6 Episode 10 “A Tale of Two Cities”.


Sterling yells at Draper for not letting him out after Sterling gave him the front seat.

Draper is in a daze as he takes a puff from a hookah.

Sterling gets sucker punched at a party by Danny Siegel, a former copyeditor.

Draper looks on at a lifeless body floating in the pool.

Turns out it was him drowning in the pool, which is revealed as he is revived and coughing up water.

Pete smokes a blunt and turns his head while a woman passes by.

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