The arrival of Easter Sunday won’t prevent “Mad Men” fans from getting their weekly Don Draper fix. As scheduled, the hit AMC series will air a brand new episode this Sunday, April 20, at 10 p.m. ET.

“Mad Men” will air the second new episode of its seventh and final season. Season 7, episode 2 is titled “A Day’s Work” and will follow Don, Peggy Olson and the other characters as they navigate personal relationships and the evolving dynamic at Sterling Cooper & Partners. The official episode synopsis for "A Day's Work" provides a few hints as to what fans can expect to during the “Mad Men” episode on Easter Sunday. 

“Peggy receives a bouquet of flowers at the office, Pete navigates the politics of new business, Joan is put in an impossibly awkward situation,” the synopsis said. Here’s our take on what these teasers may lead to in “A Day’s Work.”

-Given Peggy’s recent “entanglement” with Ted Chaough last season (and their subsequent awkward encounter during this season’s premiere), it seems likely that Ted will be the one to send Peggy the flowers.

-Pete is perpetually navigating the politics of business, with varying degrees of success. Now that he’s heading up SC&P’s west coast office, he’ll likely have a whole new set of obstacles on that front.

-Joan Harris is no stranger to awkward situations, and it appears that she’ll encounter yet another one on Sunday. It’s possible that her decision to meet with a difficult client behind Ken Cosgrove’s back may lead to a confrontation between the two coworkers. From a personal standpoint, Joan’s love child with Roger Sterling has been a source of constant awkwardness, and Roger can be seen making a phone call in the episode 2 trailer. It’s possible that he’ll once again attempt to include himself in his young son’s life -- if Joan allows him to do so.

The season 7 premiere of “Mad Men” provided a glimpse into the current state of Don’s relationship with his wife. Megan and Don are living on opposite coasts; she’s working hard to advance her career as an actress, while Don is teaming up with Freddy Rumsen to write ad copy while he waits for SC&P to welcome him back from involuntary exile.

Meanwhile, Joan helped an overwhelmed Ken handle a difficult client, a surprisingly laid-back Pete showed off his new California tan, a partied-out Roger received a phone call from his estranged daughter and Peggy struggled to coexist with her creative director, Lou Avery.

The official trailer for "Mad Men's" upcoming episode can be viewed below. "A Day's Work" will air Easter Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.