Madame Tussauds London has unveiled the first selfie-taking wax figure, a replica of the queen of selfies herself, Kim Kardashian. The figure went on display last week and has been taking selfies with visitors in front of changing backdrops.

The American reality star brought to life in was form has an outstretched hand holding a cell phone. The figure is looking up at the phone seemingly ready for a selfie. “Kim’s likeness is portrayed in ultimate selfie pose -- arm extended and mobile phone poised to capture that perfect picture,” read the description on the official website.

The Madame Tussauds website also states the outfit Kardashian’s figure is wearing was painstakingly recreated by Balmain Paris for the attraction. Fans of the reality star may recognize the dress from photos taken during her bachelorette party in Paris last year. Kardashian wore the elaborately beaded gown as she celebrated with friends and family ahead of her May 24, 2014, wedding in Florence.

The outfit won’t be on the figure for very long though. The Daily Mail reported the selfie-taking figure will be changing up her wardrobe several times during its time on display.

Guests are able to slide up to the figure as if it was a real person. They then get to press the button on the cell phone she’s holding so they can take a selfie in front of varying backgrounds.

“When we were thinking about how we should portray Kim here at Madame Tussauds London, it quickly became obvious it had to be taking a selfie,” Edward Fuller, general manager of Madame Tussauds London, said in announcing the exhibit.

The Daily Mail also reported it took four weeks to complete the wax work figure. The project cost a hefty 150,000 pounds ($232,760). A wax figure of Kardashian’s rapper husband Kanye West was expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks.