The father of Madonna Badger, who lost her three children and parents in the Connecticut Christmas Fire, died trying to save his granddaughter, according to ABC's Good Morning America.

The grandfather was found just outside the structure on a small roof covered in debris and inside the window we found one of the children, Antonio Conte, the Stamford Fire Chief, told Good Morning America. It appears that the grandfather had one of the children with him, tried to exit the structure but was overcome and passed away. And the little one passed away just inside the window.

The fire, which is believed to have been caused by burning embers from a yule log, left only two survivors - fashion executive Madonna Badger, and the contractor who was working on the house, Michael Borcina.

The fire was so strong that firefighters were not able to break through and save them. They made entry to the third floor bedroom and pushed through two rooms, but were unable to find the children and the intense flames pushed them back, Conte told ABC. They tried a second time to get in and again they were pushed out.

Lomer, who had recently retired as a safety and security director, had just fulfilled a lifelong dream of playing Santa at Saks Fifth Avenue.

That's all he ever wanted to be, a family member told the New York Times. He stopped shaving the day he retired.

Lomer advertised his Santa Services on, where he wrote I have enjoyed it more than any job I've ever had. If you want to talk about a good time, try listening to and talking with kids at Christmas.

Lomer and his wife, Pauline, would have celebrated their 49th anniversary on Monday, December 26th. They moved to the New York area five years ago in order to be closer to their grandchildren.