Most fans agree, Madonna certainly scored a touchdown with her halftime Super Bowl performance.

But eagle eyed viewers of the 53-year-old's music video Give Me All Your Luvin, which she performed live on Sunday, have instead focused on how agelessly youthful she appears.

While the pop legend is known for her vigorous yoga and workout routines, surely no amount of water, massage and personal fitness can account for how smooth her face appears in the football and cheerleader themed video?

Adopting her iconic '80s Marilyn Monroe-esque alter ego, Madonna's face appears smoother than a teenager's and has led to critics accusing her of extreme photo trickery.

Not that the criticism will worry the Queen of Pop much; her new album MDNA has reached the number one spot in 49 countries while the Give Me All Your Luvin' single is steadily rising up the charts.