Madonna and Lady Gaga appeared on Saturday Night Live's Deep House Dish sketch (A fake of the MTV show) over the weekend playing a mock lingerie fight and nearly kissing each other.

They were introduced in the sketch as two exciting entertainers, performing together for the very first time.

When the pair of blond pop stars came out to perform, they opened with a brief and simple choreography and Lady Gaga began singing What's wrong, Madonna, can't get into the groove?

Then the two began pulling each other's hair and struggling in black catgirl outfits.What the hell is the disco stick? Madonna replied referring to one of Gaga's hit songs.

Guess what Madonna, I'm totally hotter than you, Lady Gaga said to which Madonna replied What kind of name is Lady Gaga it sounds like baby food.

To end the fight, Kenan Thompson who was sitting between them, asked the two to kiss and make up. When they leaned in for a kiss they ended up plating it to the comedian.

Watch the sketch below: