If the two-hour season premiere of “The Magicians” left you feeling hypnotized with its enchanted and seriously twisted storyline then you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for episode 3. According to the synopsis for “The Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting,” the plot will grower darker with more spellbinding drama as the Syfy series continues.

In the upcoming installment, set to air Monday, Feb. 1, Penny (Arjun Gupta) will become “overwhelmed” when he uncovers just how powerful his psychic abilities are. Perhaps Penny will use his mystical powers to expose why the voice inside his head led him face-to-face with The Beast.

During episode 1, the students were forced to fight a moth-like creature in school after accidentally summoning it the night before. Penny explained that the only reason he was in the classroom the day that The Beast made its debut was because of the voice inside his head, which happens to be the voice of a friend — or foe, as Penny now feels. But why would his friend direct him to his potential demise? There’s definitely more to this story and hopeful audiences will find out more in episode 3.

Meanwhile, Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) will continue searching for the truth about her brother who mysteriously died at Brakebills University. “Alice is willing to do anything to find out what happened to her missing brother,” the synopsis says.

In episode 1, viewers got a taste of Alice’s determination when she asked her classmates to partake in a midnight casting. Originally, Alice had prepped a summoning spell to speak to her dead brother Charlie. But instead, the students channeled something else: The Beast.

The summary for episode 3 adds that Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Julia’s (Stella Maeve) relationship will face another obstacle when the friends have an “unexpected, and somewhat volatile, reunion.”

“The Magicians” airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Syfy.