Steven Avery is guilty, according to legal commentator and TV personality Nancy Grace. The Netflix documentary "Making A Murderer," released last month, has sparked widespread discussion about Avery's 2007 murder trial for the death of Teresa Halbach. 

Grace, who covered the trial, recently told a TMZ photographer that she's happy people are discussing the documentary because it shows they "care about the justice system." However, she's adamant that directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos left out crucial information. 

"They just got it all wrong," Grace said. "Well, what's really interesting is that Steven Avery's mother... now he's blaming his own family. So, he's blaming everybody." 

In "Making A Murderer," Avery believed the Manitowac Police Department was responsible for killing Halbach. TMZ and the Wrap later released court documents showing that he also pointed the finger at his brothers, Charles and Earl. He backed up his claim by saying that both his brothers were accused of sexual assault in the past. According to TMZ, Earl pled no contest to sexually assaulting two of his daughters in 1995 while Charles was charged with sexually assaulting his wife.

Grace's comments that the Netflix documentary failed to tell the whole story surrounding Halbach's death, mimics what former Wisconsin state prosecutor Ken Kratz has said.

“You don’t want to muddy up a perfectly good conspiracy movie with what actually happened,” he told People magazine. “And certainly not provide the audience with the evidence the jury considered to reject that claim.”

According to Kratz, who was involved in Avery’s trial, the convicted murderer “targeted” Halbach.

"She was creeped out [by him]," he revealed. "She [went to her employer and] said she would not go back because she was scared of him." 

The former prosecutor also told the outlet that Avery allegedly told an inmate during his first time in prison – for a crime he was later cleared of – that he wanted to build a “torture chamber” so he could rape  and kill women. None of this was shown in “Making A Murderer.”